Our goal

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the human race. Emissions of greenhouse gasses cause the temperature on earth to raise every year. Traffic is responsible for more than a quarter of the total CO2 emissions. Fontys Automotive wants to achieve a world with fewer emissions and more electric cars.

The minor Electric Drive is a way for students to get to know more about electric vehicles. Two multi-disciplined teams of talented students try to build and improve an electric car.

Team Amnis Automotive is an ambitious team that wants to build an efficient family car. The goal is to make an efficient 4 person car for the price of a conventional car. This will be done by focussing on the weight, aerodynamics, drive train, battery management and electronics with the latest technologies.

To accomplish our goal, the plan is divided over multiple years. The goal of our team, the team of 2019, was to develop and build a platform for an electric vehicle. The platform can be used as a base for the upcoming years and as a research platform for multiple engineering purposes. Team Amnis Automotive 2019 used this project to lay a good foundation for the following years of the Minor Electric Drive. The ultimate goal set by Team Amnis Automotive can be adjusted by the following teams if required.

The team of 2019 was divided into multiple disciplines: chassis, driveline, battery, control, power in/-out and bodywork.

We developed a modular platform as chassis which is suitable for different shaped vehicles.

The long term vision is to use hub motors in the driveline of the vehicle to achieve higher efficiency. Because of the possibilities this semester an electric mid engined layout is used.

The battery packs developed in this minor are interchangeable between different vehicles and can be used in different configurations, such as six modules in series to produce 300V or two modules in series and 3 in parallel to deliver 100V. In total 8 battery packs from 18650 cells were made this minor together with team Elegance. The battery packs can also be cooled by air and liquid. This means that the battery packs also enables fast charging in the means of CHAdeMO.

An AMEsim simulation model has also been made. Various cycles can be run with this model, including a WLTP cycle. This gives inside information about torque, desired speed, current speed, used Wh, lost Wh by using braking, rolling resistance and air resistance of the vehicle.

Also a concept for the various control components have been made. The concept includes: motor controller, regenerative braking, adaptive cruise control, forward collision control and a dashboard including all the infotainment data.

Afterall a concept sketch has been made of the body of the car. In addition, research has been done into the aerodynamics of the vehicle.This can be further elaborated by the following years of the Minor Electric Drive.

Everything the team has done this year supports our vision of a modular research platform for the future propulsion of passenger vehicles. Amnis Automotive has laid a foundation for the energy-efficient family vehicle which will be further developed in the coming years.